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Portland Sports Complex
512 Warren Avenue
Portland, ME 04103
Phone: (207) 775-1067
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Limited, complimentary handicapped parking. (First come first serve) Access the Free Shuttle Bus at Maine Boatbuilders Show Signs posted along Warren Ave (offered by VIP Tour and Charter Bus Company). Visit out Facebook Page for more information.

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Mission Statement:

The Maine Boatbuilders Show's mission is to provide a welcoming gathering place for those who are the brain trust of the broad marine industry. The management and production of the Maine Boatbuilders show is a component of the cultural responsibility of Portland Yacht Services to our industry and passion.

The foundation principle of the show is inviting collaboration on quality from exhibitors who will agree to represent their own products and will bring individuals on site who are technically familiar with the product and its construction or application.

A focus will be on encouraging a welcoming, confident low-key business and informational environment for emergent builders, service yards, restorers and the custom and semi-custom boatbuilders whose craftsmanship is the cultural cornerstone of Maine's and the larger boating heritage of the region.

It should be a place where the news of friends, plans for the new season and new ideas are discussed in the aisles and celebrated over meals. A place where new ideas are encouraged, business and testing of concepts may be solicited in the aisles. Friends meet.

The challenges of establishing cost effective access to a wide market is an important deliverable.

The mission will become an informational path and access to jobs for the next generations through highlighting education and opportunities that range from community sailing to technical high schools and college and growing businesses is a central theme to challenge the present attendees.

The even application of this mission will result in a rich environment to celebrate the marine industry without political constraints or borders.

While we believe that the concepts are strong and will attract attendees and sustain the Maine Boatbuilders Show, success of the mission is measured not by the absolute number of attendees but a number of metrics from exhibitors and attendees, whose feedback will propose adjustments, quantify the quality and effectiveness of the mission as perceived by the exhibitors and attendees. The passion is obvious by continuously making the investment to attend an event celebrating their passion during the mud season in Maine.

Portland, ME 04103 | (207) 774-1067 | Click here to get more info about the show
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